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Jul - 04 - 2014

Happy Birthday, America!

Signing of the Declaration of Independence

Declaration signing

It was 238 years ago that a small group of extraordinary people gathered together in Philadelphia at a time of war and revolution.  Under constant threat of arrest and hanging for treason, they signed a sheet of parchment that led to the greatest civil and cultural undertaking in history.

Today the Declaration of Independence and its companion document, the U.S. Constitution, still survive and form the foundation of our fragile American democracy.  I’m privileged to have served and defended her since I was 17, and will continue as long as I am able.  Happy Birthday, America; thank you for what you have given us all, and God bless you!

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Birthday, America!

Bob Castelli launches his bid for State Senate

Bob Castelli with supporters at the Town House in Lewisboro

SOUTH SALEM (June 17) – Former Assemblyman Bob Castelli (R-Lewisboro) held a formal press conference today launching his bid for the Republican nomination for State Senate in New York’s 40th Senate District.  The seat is currently held by Sen. Greg Ball (R-Patterson), who is not running for re-election.

Castelli said his bid for the Republican nomination came following Sen. Ball’s eleventh-hour announcement that he would not seek another term, in the wake of which Ball named his own preferred successor.  The timing of the announcement left no time for other candidates to make their case to the local and county committees for their endorsement.  Castelli maintains that this maneuver unjustly leaves primary voters out of the democratic process. (more…)

Jun - 15 - 2014

Reflections on Flag Day

american-flagYesterday I had the opportunity to join with other veterans and citizens to celebrate Flag Day, at the Elks Club in the Town of Southeast.  Especially moving for me was a tribute to an old friend and fellow Vietnam Veteran, Denis Castelli.

While cousin Denis, as I called him, was actually no relation that we could determine, we were brothers in every sense of the word.  We shared a common bond and background apart from our name.  We were both Sergeants in the Army, both served as Infantryman in the 1st Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam, both were at war during the same time and both shared a lifelong commitment to our country, our community and our Veterans.   Denis left us a while back, which was a great loss to all who knew him, and to the community and people he served so well. He served proudly under our flag, fought for it, honored and cherished it, and by his actions caused it to fly just a bit higher and more proudly on the winds of freedom. (more…)

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