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The following is reposted from the Pound Ridge Daily Voice.

Pound Ridge Letter: Supervisor Lyman Supports Bob Castelli In Primary

Bob Castelli for State Senate

Pound Ridge Supervisor Dick Lyman

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. — They say we are known by the company we keep. The spurious and anonymous fliers in our mailboxes in support of Terence Murphy are nothing short of despicable. And a violation of NYS Election Law. The somewhat tepid protestation from the Murphy camp is telling (and I use the singular on purpose!)

Be that as it may, my purpose in writing today is in praise of Bob Castelli, a man who deserves our support in the Republican Primary Election on Tuesday. (more…)

The following is a press release from Bob Castelli for State Senate.

Bob Castelli for State Senate

Bob Castelli and Don Smith.

(PATTERSON, September 4):  Putnam County Sheriff Don Smith (R,C,I) today announced his support for former Assemblyman Bob Castelli’s candidacy for State Senate. (more…)

Bob Castelli for State Senate

Bob Castelli debates.

On Wednesday night at the News 12 studio, Bob Castelli faced off in a panel-format debate with primary opponent Terrence Murphy.  Three seasoned TV, radio and print journalists tested the candidates with pointed questions as to why they deserve our votes.

As in previous debates, only one candidate showed that he had the knowledge, experience and background to serve as our State Senator.

On September 9th, cast your vote for that candidate.  Vote for Bob Castelli.

Click here to watch the full video of the debate on the News 12 website.  Our thanks to News 12 for hosting the debate, and to the moderator and three panelists for the opportunity to communicate real answers to real issues to the voters of the 40th District.

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