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The following is a statement from former Assemblyman Bob Castelli regarding the petitioning process and the transition into the main phase of the Republican primary.

Assemblyman Bob Castelli

Assemblyman Bob Castelli

“Once again, sadly but predictably, while our campaign has chosen the high road, our opponent has taken the low road.

“We did not wish to disenfranchise Republican voters any further than had already been done by those supporting Mr. Murphy, and therefore we chose to face him in a fair primary without challenging the signatures on his Republican petitions.  My opponent has nevertheless chosen to challenge our Republican voter signatures, in the hopes of throwing us off the ballot and out of the race before a single vote is cast.

“This has only added to his growing list of cheap campaign tactics, including the use of false, misleading robo-calls and anonymous mail put out by the Murphy camp and his supporters.  Perhaps our Republican Party leaders should realize what our voters have known all along:  that ‘we have met the enemy, and he is us.’  Until my opponent and his mentors, the party bosses in Albany, stop taking cheap shots at fellow Republicans, we will continue to lose races, and we will deserve to do so.”


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