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Bob Castelli for State Senate

Ready for September!

It’s official.  After three attempts last week to throw our petitions out failed at the State Board of Elections, today our opponent and his Senate lawyers officially abandoned their lawsuit and acknowledged our position on the ballot for the September 9th Republican primary.  The voters now have a choice!

After we took the high road and chose not to challenge our opponent’s petitions, he chose to disenfranchise our Republican voters and rob them of their voice again.  Thankfully, we won!  We will stay on the high road going forward, and hope Mr. Murphy can be convinced to do the same.

There are pressing issues that face our communities and state:  much-needed tax and mandate relief and job creation, to name but a few. The reform of a broken system in Albany also must take center stage. These should be our focus in this election, not political cheap shots which have become the hallmark of my opponent’s campaign thus far.  I challenge my opponent to debate me in a public forum, and to discuss the real issues in this campaign and those facing our state.

I am deeply grateful to everyone who has donated, volunteered or signed a petition for my candidacy; without your help, we would not have come this far.

Now that our ballot place is secured, the campaign really kicks into high gear, and our message of cutting taxes and spending, bringing jobs back to New York, and reforming our state government needs extra help getting out.  Please join us by visiting to contribute to the campaign, or to volunteer your time and energy.

Thank you again,
Bob Castelli

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