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Bob Castelli for State Senate

Bob Castelli

“In another state race, it’s Yorktown councilman Terrence Murphy against our former Assemblyman Bob Castelli in a GOP primary battle for the New York State Senate’s 40th District. For some unknown reason, Murphy is challenging the credibility of the signatures on Mr. Castelli’s ballot petition — a most uncollegial move, especially when the county GOP has already endorsed you. However, anyone that knows Bob Castelli, who we were fortunate to have as an Assemblyman from 2010 to 2012, will not be swayed by this minor challenge, and shame on Mr. Murphy for not recognizing this.

“Mr. Castelli’s dogged determination will no doubt vindicate his signature petition. In the meantime, Mr. Murphy has soured future goodwill in what surely would be a difficult battle for him against Justin Wagner, the Democratic candidate who is unopposed in the primary. Mr. Wagner got his education campaigning against Greg Ball two years ago, and let’s just say he’s learned to play hard ‘Ball’ himself.

“Mr. Murphy might want to be careful about what he wishes for. Bob Castelli, more moderate and with a proven track record, may have a far better chance of winning on Sept. 9.”

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