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The following is a press release from Bob Castelli for State Senate.

Bob Castelli for State Senate

Bob Castelli and Don Smith.

(PATTERSON, September 4):  Putnam County Sheriff Don Smith (R,C,I) today announced his support for former Assemblyman Bob Castelli’s candidacy for State Senate.

“Bob Castelli is an American patriot who has served his country in two of the most noble professions I know:  marching to the sound of the guns in the United States military while earning a Combat Infantryman’s Badge in Vietnam, and protecting us right here at home by serving in law enforcement as a member of the New York State Police. He has been a distinguished instructor at one of America’s most prestigious colleges, John Jay College of Criminal Justice,” Sheriff Smith said.

Smith continued, “Bob Castelli has the integrity, patriotism and positive legislative experience, working across party lines to get things done in the New York State Legislature. He will make an outstanding New York State Senator, and will fight for us and be a positive force against corruption in Albany,”

Reacting to the news, Castelli said in a statement, “I am honored and deeply grateful for the support expressed by Sheriff Smith.  He is an outstanding public servant, and has served with distinction in both the military and law enforcement professions.  It means the world to me personally to have the support of such an outstanding individual who served with dignity and honor in both the professions we loved.”

Smith has served as Sheriff of Putnam County for 12 years.  He is also a former Deputy County Executive of Putnam and retired Army Brigadier General.

Smith’s statement comes just ahead of the Republican primary election for State Senate next Tuesday, September 9.


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